MACHEquity Partners on Food Prices, Inequality, Undernutrition

MACHEquity coinvestigators David Gordon and Shailen Nandy just published a study on how rising food prices affect inequality and consequently undernutrition in two African countries. The article examines changing food prices in Nigeria and Ethiopia, concluding that, when food price hikes happen in a context of economic inequality, they are more likely to be linked…

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New MACHEquity Publications

It has been a busy spring and beginning of summer at MACHEquity, including several new papers that use our longitudinal policy data on maternity leave and minimum wage, presentations at academic conferences and policy meetings, and the successful defence of three doctoral theses by our students. All of this work is linked in our website…

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Launch of MACHEquity’s Downloadable Data!

MACHEquity data dashboards are now available to the public! Check out our freely downloadable policy data on minimum wage, child marriage, maternity leave, and breastfeeding breaks. All data is available for 121 low- and middle-income countries, and covers the period from the late 1990s to 2013, documenting not only policy variation between countries, but policy…

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MACHEquity Coinvestigator on Evidence-based Strategies for Advancing Early Child Development

  • Posted on 29th September 2015,
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MACHEquity coinvestigator Linda Richter has recently coauthored a synthesis article in The BMJ on the evidence on effective strategies and interventions for advancing early child development. Using various data sources, such as records from the World Health Organization and empirical neuroscience research, the paper demonstrates the need for evidence to be considered in developing a…

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Postdoc Farhan Majid on the in-utero consequences of Ramadan fasting

MACHEquity postdoctoral fellow Farhan Majid’s recent article in the Journal of Development Economics reveals fasting during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan can have significantly adverse effects on children born to women that were fasting during pregnancy. Using data from Indonesia, where about three-quarters of pregnant Muslim women fast, Farhan finds that these children score more poorly…

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MACHEquity Partners Release New Study on Pensions Worldwide

Led by MACHEquity coinvestigator Jody Heymann, our partners at the WORLD Policy Forum recently published a study on the global state of pension programs. “Pension Programs Around the World: New Comparative Global Policy Data” leverage data collected between 2009 and 2011 to describe the type, financing model, eligibility, and benefit amounts of pension systems in…

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Policy Briefs Online!

The policy briefs jointly produced by MACHEquity and our partners at the WORLD Policy Forum at the University of California Los Angeles are now online! They contain the current state and the evolution of policies over the last decades, providing readers with a window into progress achieved, challenges remaining, and future priorities. The briefs, and…

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MACHEquity coinvestigators on fee removal for delivery services in West Africa

MACHEquity coinvestigators Sam Harper and Jay Kaufman have recently coauthored a paper on Social Science & Medicine on fee removal for facility-based delivery services in Ghana, Senegal and Sierra Leone. The paper, whose main author is Institute for Health and Social Policy postdoc Britt McKinnon, used Demographic and Health Surveys data to determine who benefited…

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International Health Economics Association

Muhammad Farhan Majid’s abstract “Do Minimum Wage Laws Impact Child Growth? Evidence from Developing Countries” has been accepted by the International Health Economics Association. Their 11th World Congress in Health Economics will take place in Milan, Italy from July 12-15. The presentation will explore the conclusions of the research which suggest that an increase in…

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The Role of Domestic Violence in Deterring the use of Contraception

MACHEquity Research Assistant and McGill PhD student  Lauren Maxwell  has published a study on the role of partner violence in the use of contraception for women around the world. The findings in Maxwell’s research suggest more than a mere correlation, indicating that partner violence has a causal effect on women’s use of contraception. The implications of…

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