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The MACHEquity Data Dashboards enables users to explore and analyze data that have been collected as part of the Maternal and Child Health Equity (MACHEquity) research program.

Individual dashboards exist for data focused on specific policy areas such as minimum wage, maternity leave, breastfeeding breaks and child marriage. Further, data on each of these policy areas can be found in an additional dashboard which contains all available MACHEquity data.

For each policy area, there exists two dashboard configurations, each with their own unique features.

The basic dashboard configuration allows users to select a single policy indicator and explore trends within the data collected for that indicator.

The advanced dashboard configuration allows users to select multiple policy indicators simultaneously making it possible to examine the relationships that exist between indicators. In addition to containing data from the MACHEquity databases, advanced dashboards feature supplementary data drawn from the World Bank's World Development Indicators (WDI) database. This WDI comparison data can be plotted against policy indicators featured in the dashboards.