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ari_juntosThree laws that countries can adopt to address child marriage. Guest blog post at Girls Not Brides,  October 6 2015.

Programa Juntos redujo en 10% riesgo de anemia en madres beneficiarias (Juntos Program reduced risks of anemia by 10%). Peruvian news agency ANDINA, August 30 2015.

How rule of law can prevent child marriage. The Globe and Mail guest editorial, July 31 2015.

Longer maternity leaves linked to lower infant mortality, study shows. The Montreal Gazette, March 31 2016.

 La baja por maternidad pagada reduce la mortalidad infantil en los países pobres. Tendencias 21, March 31 2016.

Paid maternity leave cuts infant mortality: study. Radio Canada International (plus audio interview), March 31 2016.


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Maternity Leave Policies in the Developing World. November 11, 2015.

Minimum Wage Policies in the Developing World. November 6, 2015.