MACHEquity coinvestigators on fee removal for delivery services in West Africa

MACHEquity coinvestigators Sam Harper and Jay Kaufman have recently coauthored a paper on Social Science & Medicine on fee removal for facility-based delivery services in Ghana, Senegal and Sierra Leone. The paper, whose main author is Institute for Health and Social Policy postdoc Britt McKinnon, used Demographic and Health Surveys data to determine who benefited from removing service fees in these three countries. The authors found that fee removal led to more facility deliveries across all income groups, failing to reduce inequalities in the use of these services; however, the paper also highlighted that, after fee removal, educated women turned to facility delivery disproportionately more than women with no education, regardless of income. These findings emphasize how addressing financial and other barriers that contribute to large and persistent inequalities in utilization can help maximize expected health gains from policy and program implementation.

You can read the full paper here.