MACHEquity Coinvestigator on Evidence-based Strategies for Advancing Early Child Development

  • Posted on 29th September 2015,
  • written by

MACHEquity coinvestigator Linda Richter has recently coauthored a synthesis article in The BMJ on the evidence on effective strategies and interventions for advancing early child development. Using various data sources, such as records from the World Health Organization and empirical neuroscience research, the paper demonstrates the need for evidence to be considered in developing a new global strategy on early child development that cuts across sectors and age groups.  The authors emphasize several areas of intervention, including fostering good maternal mental health and encouraging quality caregiving, which are vital in improving early child development. Implementing these interventions can support greater childhood academic performance and improved economic productivity later on in life. The importance of the UN’s new Sustainable Development Goals is also highlighted as a potential framework for children globally to one day have equitable opportunities to live social and healthy lives and reach their full potential.

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